Dynamic Markets Require Dynamic Solutions

Market environments can be complex and confusing. Our ETF models for financial advisors are designed to adapt to changing market environments with a forward-looking focus and a managed, model driven approach.

EQM’s ETF Model Portfolio Solutions require minimal trading and can be implemented on the custodial platform of your choice delivered via secure email, FTP, model delivery platform, or for individual clients, invested directly on the Charles Schwab, Interactive Brokers, or Folio platforms.

A key benefit of selecting EQM Capital to provide investment management services is that it frees up valuable time which advisors can use to focus on increased client service and new asset gathering activities.

Empowering Innovative Advisors

Serving a full-range of investor needs, our modular and risk-based models are easy to implement and align with your client’s risk tolerance and objectives.

Empowering Innovative Advisors

I build my client’s portfolios but need the
right assets to complement my choices.

I want to spend less time managing
portfolios and more time with my clients.

Empowering Innovative Advisors

Advisor Options

Choose what works best for you and your clients.

EQM Asset Based ETF Models


The Modular Building
Blocks to build or
complete your asset

EQM Risk Based Models


Pre-built models
to meet your
client’s risk profile

Advisor Benefits

Advisors can tap into EQM Capital’s Managed ETF Portfolio Model Solutions to meet a client’s investment goals and specific risk profile.

We understand that managing investments is just one part of our clients’ needs. However, we believe outsourcing this crucial aspect of your role as a financial advisor can have important benefits:

  • Advisors that outsource investment management have greater time to spend with clients.

  • Outsourcing provides a powerful way for advisors to increase capacity.

  • Outsourcing creates a definitive, repeatable investment philosophy and process.

  • Outsourcing lets advisors focus on improving operations and increasing service offerings.

  • Hiring outside investment managers helps make advisors’ businesses more scalable.

  • Outsourcing may help increase portfolio transparency and risk mitigation.

Our Quantitatively Driven Approach

Investment criteria is preset to clearly identify the most qualified ETFs suitable for inclusion.

  • A Forward-looking Focus Helping you meet your client’s long-term investment objectives.

  • Model Driven Products – Quantitatively informed, rules-based model ETF portfolios.

  • Risk-Aligned Expectations – Aligned with your client’s target risk profile and/or risk number on Riskalyze.

  • Professionally Managed Portfolios – Actively managed and rebalanced by our experienced team of portfolio managers.

  • Cost and Tax Efficiency – Our models utilize ETFs to provide low cost, tax efficient solutions.


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