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EQM Capital, LLC is a California registered investment advisory firm dedicated to providing financial advisors and individual investors with risk managed ETF Model Portfolio solutions, along with thoughtful, relevant financial content designed to help support and achieve financial advisors’ goals.

We Are ETF Industry Thought Leaders

EQM Indexes, an affiliate of EQM Capital, is the thought leader behind several innovative indexes, that have been licensed to create Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

EQM Capital is staffed by financial services professionals with decades-long experience in ETF and traditional investment portfolio management.

We provide relevant and timely investment-related content to help financial advisors expand their business and enhance their position as a solutions provider to their clients. These include market commentaries, white papers, newsletters and articles, which are for distribution to clients and major financial media websites.

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What We Do

EQM Capital’s managed ETF Portfolio Model Solutions are designed to assist independent investment advisors, wealth managers, and individual investors in meeting their investment goals. Our risk-managed, model-driven approach to wealth management, can help clients DEFINE, MANAGE, and ACHIEVE their goals.

Consider these additional benefits:

  • EQM’s ETF Model Portfolio Solutions save you time and reduce the complexity of creating individual portfolios.

  • We provide modular, managed, model-driven solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.

  • As an EQM client, you will benefit from our decades of investment experience and expertise, thoughtful market commentary and investment insights, as well as our unique position as an innovator in the ETF industry – all the components you need to help achieve your investment goals.


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